*Knot of the Month* Jug Hitch

PURPOSE: Makes a knot around the neck of a bottle, so it can be hung over the side to cool in the water.

BACKGROUND: In ancient times this knot made a handle that was used to carry clay jugs. The Jug Hitch knot was stronger than the jug's original handle. ****

USES: In summer, north of Cape Cod and Pt. Conception, the water is cold enough to cool white wines. South of the Cape, the water is fine for red wines until 35 degrees latitude.

HOW TO TIE: 1) Double a line and make two twists. Bring the end loop up, then weave it back down through the standing part of the line. 2) Rearrange the knot by bringing a lower loop up underneath. 3) Bring the next lower loop up above the knot. 4) Put the bottle's neck through the knot, work the lines tight, and slip the standing line through the end loop for security.