Marine Formula Sta-Bil: Sure Cure

Marine Formula offers excellent protection.

Ethanol-enhanced fuels create problems for marine engines. E-10 fuel attracts and holds water, loses octane quickly, and while it ostensibly burns cleaner, it's less efficient. To combat the potential for engine corrosion, carbon buildup and reduced performance of my boat's Suzuki DF 250 outboard, I dosed the fuel supply with Sta-Bil Marine Formula.

Marine Formula offers double the corrosion protection and four times the fuelsystem cleaning of standard Sta-Bil. I treated 105 gallons of fuel before winter storage last year and had no issues this spring. It did clean my fuel lines, as evidenced by the sludge in my fuel filter's collection bowl. Key to any ethanol-treatment formula is the ability to dissolve this cleaned sludge enough to pass the fi lter media. Both Sta-Bil Marine Formula and Star Brite's Startron do this, and neither creates harm if overapplied. Price: $14 (8-ounce bottle) and $30 (32-ounce bottle). 800-367-3245;