Tangle-Free Trolling

Try these timely tips for best trolling results.

Trolling for game fish, whether inshore or offshore, is one of the most effective ways to cover ground and find the fish. Sport fish have a habit of moving around from day to day, so trolling gives you the best shot at hookups when the fish are spread out over a large area.

Add extra rod holders to your boat. Gunwales, tower legs, T-tops — the more rods you have in the water, the better chance you’ll have to find the “sweet spot” in your boat’s wake. And, with a fish on, extra holders make clearing the way for battle easier.

Set the offerings in the clear “lure channels.” These appear between your vessel’s prop wash and chine wash. This allows fish attracted to get a clear look at the imposters and move in for the kill. Throwing in an S-turn every few hundred yards adds allure.

Flat-line clips on the transom keep offerings low to the water. These minimize tangles by keeping lures in position, allow lures to swim naturally in rough seas, and alert you to strikes with an audible “snap” when a fish takes the offering.