Using a GPS’s “Bread-Crumb” Function

The “bread-crumb” function on a GPS helps you find home, and catch more fish. Here’s how:

At Anchor
When anchoring for bottom feeders, sit over targeted structure and shift into neutral. Allow the current and tide to work while watching the bread-crumb or track feature to see how your boat reacts. Then reposition and anchor on the spot. Be aware that wind or current shifts can move you off the structure.

When open-water predators like salmon, striped bass or tuna suddenly vanish, make ensuing drifts parallel to — but on alternating opposite sides of — your original pass. Use bread-crumb trails to note the direction and distance between hookups and to get a read on which direction and how quickly the quarry is moving.

When following productive drifts for tight-schooling species such as croaker and summer flounder, being a little off on the next turn can lose the bite. Use the bread-crumb feature to retrace your route and set up a nearly identical pass.


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