Inboard: Malibu Response TXi

Thomas Degasperi behind the Malibu Response TXi Thomas Gustafson

“What I love most about the new Malibu Response TXi is how spacious it is on the inside. I also love how modern and user-friendly the new dash is. What’s more, the wake is by far the smallest and most narrow out there, allowing skiers to have more freedom on the water and, as a result, start the turn way earlier.” – Thomas Degasperi, Malibu Team Athlete

waterski boat
Malibu Response TXi WSK

Malibu‘s Response TXi is catered entirely to you, the ­water-skier, but is capable of much more than just running laps through the course. Completely redesigned for 2017, the new TXi is a sight to behold. The lines of the boat itself are striking — in a sexy, sports car kind of way. Upon entering the boat, you immediately notice the ­attention to detail. From the efficient, spacious interior layout, to the upholstery detailing, to the new dash setup, everything is top-notch. The Malibu Open Edition features even more striking and convenient upgrades, like the 4-inch ZeroOff touchscreen in the dash. Of course, if you’re looking at a boat like the Response TXi, one thing you probably care about the most is the wake. Malibu redesigned the famous T-cut diamond hull with a wider bow, adjusted chines and angled strakes. As a result, the new, slightly larger TXi gives a better ride on the water, with increased lift and a more forgiving wake while maintaining its laser-like tracking on the water.

Length 20’6″
Beam 95″
Dry Weight 3,100 lb.
Fuel Capacity 40 gal.
Seating Capacity 5