Ford-Indmar-Tigé Boats Combination Impresses

What happens when tow vehicle and boat feature the same base engine?

*Editor’s Note: We recently had the opportunity to conduct a preliminary inspection of the all-new 2018 F-150 Redesign and a Tige RZX both of which are fitted with Built Ford Tough powerplants that are engineered to deliver best-in-class towing. The Raptor Series by Indmar is based off a proven workhorse, the Built Ford Tough 6.2L 16-Valve SOHC V8 that was designed, engineered, built and torture-tested by Ford. The same state-of-the-art engine that currently powers the F250 and F350 Super Duty Truck, the toughest, smartest, most capable heavy-duty pick-up built for work and recreation.

We sent one of our most experienced engine experts, Capt. Vincent Daniello, to cover it because we think there’s a cool story here. We hope to produce a feature in which we test both installations and provide a published review of the truck and boat, by towing a boat with the motor installed using a truck with the motor installed. We'll be testing a marine engine the 6.2L by land and by sea! For now, check out this video and photo gallery by Capt. Daniello*

A Tige boat and a Ford truck: the Raptor by Indmar engine powering the boat is based on the Built Ford Tough 6.2L 16-Valve SOHC V8.Capt. Vincent Daniello

Ford's 6.2-liter truck engine produces solid low-end torque for towing heavy trailers. Indmar enhances that by using a different camshaft, and by tweaking the engine's computer-controlled spark, fuel and valve timing. The resulting Raptor engine produces 510 horsepower at 5400 rpm from the supercharged version, and it reaches 580 foot-pounds of torque at 3900 rpm, right where towed watersports requires it. Sixteen spark plugs — two in each cylinder — also enhance economy and reduce emissions without sacrificing power. A lower profile intake manifold helps this Raptor fit better into boats, and Indmar even developed and designed an oil pan to meet the demands of towed watersports while still meeting Ford design requirements. The custom oil pans ensures that to make sure oil flows during tight turns and the prolonged listing that maximizes surf wakes produced by Tige Boats, such as the Tige RZX series boats.

Ford Truck tows Tige´Boat: Both feature a Built Ford Tough engineCapt. Vincent Daniello

According the Indmar Engineering Departement Ford produces several versions of the 6.2L engine; Super Duty, export versions and previously the Raptor SVT. Indmar selected the best components from these versions (heads, cams, intake manifold, bearings, etc.) as well as designed some Indmar specific components, such as the oil pan and oil pickup, to create the configuration we offer known as the Raptor by Indmar. This is not simply the standard super duty truck engine that gets a few marine specific parts bolted to it. It is an engine built by Ford and marinized by Indmar Marine Engines.

Pro Trailer Backup Assist brings joystick docking simplicity to trailer handling. Just watch the backup camera and side-view mirrors, and twist the trailer backup knob. The truck’s steering wheel turns itself to place the trailer right where you want it. Let the knob center itself, and the system centers the trailer, too. The 360-degree camera technology also made parking and connecting a trailer much easier. The Blind Sport Information System uses radar sensors in the taillamps to monitor areas that may not be visible to the driver around the truck and trailerCapt. Vincent Daniello
**Tigé’s RZX pairs well with the 6.2 liter Raptor 440 by Indmar **Capt. Vincent Daniello
Tigé’s RZX pairs well with the 6.2 liter Raptor 440 by Indmar engine. With Tige’s TAPS 3 system deployed, this 440 Raptor’s 429 foot-pounds of torque peaks right in the rpm range wakeboarders need, digging deep for huge wakes. And when quickly switching away from TAPS, max horsepower near wide-open throttle gets you back to the dock quicklyCapt. Vincent Daniello
The business end of a Tige boat: How torque is delivered to the waterCapt. Vincent Daniello