Keep your swivels hidden from the fish.

With anglers migrating in mega schools to stealthy, low-visibility fluorocarbon lines, rigging with brass, black steel or stainless swivels is like throwing paint on the Invisible Man. So we tested fluorocarbon InvisaSwivels on feisty dolphin and kingfish without failure. They'd be awesome for Carolina rigging or walleye bait rigs. According to the manufacturer, they test out at above their rated weight, and we can't doubt them. They don't rust, and they spin perhaps better than ball bearings do, thanks to their self-lubed construction. The ends of the swivels are nocked like an arrow is, to accept mono and especially braid — not wire. When the knot is cinched down, the nock snuggles the connection, keeping it secure and centered. From $4.99;