Last Production Year for Mercury Racing 200XS Outboards

Mercury will discontinue production of complete 200XS competition outboards after 2018 but will produce limited powerhead runs.

The 200XS ROS is the power behind numerous UIM Offshore 3C Championships.Mercury Racing

Mercury Racing has a rich history of producing national- and world-championship outboard power. The venerable 200XS SST and 200XS ROS have been the go-to power for many a competition racer. However, after many years and many victories, the demand for these products has reached a level where it's no longer efficient for Mercury Racing to produce these competition motors as complete outboards. Mercury has announced that 2018 will be the final program year of production for the legacy 200XS SST and 200XS ROS competition models. Mercury Racing will continue annual builds of replacement powerheads to support the product that is still in use.

Veteran tunnel boat driver Chris Fairchild competing in his 200XS SST-powered DAC hull.Mercury Racing

The OptiMax 200XS SST (Super Sport Tunnel) outboard features a 2.5-liter OptiMax powerhead mounted on a 12-inch mid-section coupled to a IV SSM gearcase. It is the official power of the UIM F2 World Championship Series. The OptiMax 200XS ROS (Race Offshore) features a 2.5 Liter OptiMax powerhead mounted on a 15-inch mid-section. The 200XS ROS is the official power of U.I.M. Class 3C offshore racing, a highly competitive, single-engine mono hull offshore racing class which competes throughout Europe

Listed below are part numbers and MSRP pricing for complete engine models as well as both fully dressed and partial powerheads. The powerheads are common for SST and ROS models. The PCM and flywheel cover are not included with either powerhead and thus need to be ordered separately.

See your local Mercury dealer for pricing and ordering information.

Mercury Racing 200XS PricingMercury Racing