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Let’s Cruise

Sea-Doo’s GTX Limited 230 and 300 retain a personal watercraft’s familiar thrill ride, while unveiling exciting new features custom-made for the luxury-touring enthusiast.

June 3, 2019
Sea-Doo GTX Running Shot
The Sea-Doo GTX Series is the pinnacle for watercraft touring, allowing you to reach secluded destinations in comfort and style. Courtesy Sea-Doo

It’s time to think about personal watercraft differently. Frequently categorized as craft that deliver a high-octane thrill ride, modern-day machines increasingly rival their mainstream boating counterparts for versatility.

They have the space and stability to haul multiple passengers in comfort. They have the hull designs and power to handle most water conditions, from offshore to upriver. And they have the amenities to turn that hourlong joy ride around the bay into an all-day excursion to your favorite destination of choice.

Wherever that destination might be, Sea-Doo’s GTX Limited 230 and 300 prove ideally suited to take you there. Underway, deep-V hulls with a subtle reverse chine take the sting out of rough water, cleaving through waves with sure-footed precision while enhancing comfort and providing maximum stability at speed. Above the waterline, Sea-Doo’s Ergolock saddle cradles both driver and passengers, offering lower-back support during those longer cruising rides and narrowing, in hourglass fashion, to keep the driver’s knees closer together in a more comfortable, more natural riding position. When at idle and at rest, industry-leading stability and a lower center of gravity make for the ideal platform for slow-speed sightseeing or hanging out in that idyllic cove. And don’t forget the oversize swim platform. The largest in the industry, it’s ideal for everything from fishing to gearing up for watersports to simply hanging out with a friend. Slide the rear half of the removable modular saddle aft, toss a cooler in between to form a makeshift dinette, and you can even enjoy an onboard picnic.

Sea-Doo GTX Yoga
The GTX series offers comfort and style like no other. Comfort, in the form of ergonomic, configurable seating, a large swim platform and improved stability, allowing you to lounge onboard for hours. Style, in the form of classic colors, a powerful Bluetooth Audio System and the widest array of features. Courtesy Sea-Doo

Innovative new features further enhance the cruising experience. All GTX models now feature Sea-Doo’s direct-access front storage, a twist on the conventional bow-storage design. No longer does accessing gear while underway require an awkward and potentially disastrous stretch out of the saddle and up and over the handlebars. Instead, the entire handlebar assembly and gauge array are now part of a single gas-shock-assisted lid that raises directly in front of a seated driver to reveal a sizable storage compartment within arm’s reach. Limited models also feature well-spaced storage dividers to keep all your items organized and easily accessible. And speaking of that gauge array, it’s now bigger than ever at 7 feet, 6 inches wide and fully digital, with an automatically dimming backlight to ensure visibility in all lighting conditions.

Sea-Doo’s modular LinQ system also seems tailor-made for touring-minded enthusiasts who have long struggled to bring along additional gear and supplies. A pair of composite brackets recessed into the aft platform’s surface, LinQ mounts can be popped up to provide a secure attachment point for a wide variety of accessories. Choose to expand your range with a portable fuel caddy; bring along ice, food and refreshments in a handy cooler; or throw additional gear in a semirigid travel bag. Or enjoy a wake session. The quick-to-install, telescoping tow pylon raises the tow point above the jet wash and delivers a superior pull to the rider in tow. Some of the accessories, such as the travel bag and fuel caddy, can even be stacked, increasing the versatility and carrying capacity of the LinQ system. All can be interchanged in seconds with no tools required.

Sea-Doo GTX Showcases Improved Hull Design
Life is all about balance. So whether you’re high-speed cruising in offshore waters, relaxing in a cove, or simply boarding from the side, the wider hull offers industry leading stability thanks to a lower center of gravity and improved hull design. Courtesy Sea-Doo

For the music enthusiast, no long-distance ride or leisure cruise would be complete without the potential to add an accompanying soundtrack. Both the GTX Limited 230 and GTX Limited 300 come standard with Sea-Doo’s new fully integrated, waterproof Bluetooth Audio System. Twin 50-watt speakers are neatly integrated into the deck space forward of the footwells, where they’re ideally positioned to direct sound toward driver and passengers without disturbing fellow water users. A simple, intuitive touchpad control allows users to play, pause, control the volume or skip between tunes. And, because it’s Bluetooth, your favorite tunes are as close as the playlist already on your phone. Keep the latter both dry and protected from shock in the watertight, padded phone box located directly in front of the saddle. An integrated USB port ensures it will stay fully charged no matter how long the ride.


And don’t forget the many convenience features that not only enhance touring, but also make having fun on the water so much easier. Sea-Doo’s Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) offers both stopping power at speed as well as intuitive, eyes on the water (and both hands on the handlebars) control when maneuvering in and out of forward, neutral and reverse in tight confines such as a crowded restaurant dock or launch ramp. And no long-distance cruise would be complete without cruise control. It alleviates the need to keep steady pressure on the throttle and allows the driver to concentrate on what’s most important: enjoying the journey.


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