Lubricate Snaps And Zippers Before Storing Your Boat

Star brite Snap and Zipper Lube Can Help Avoid Problems

We all know the Winterization basics: Star Tron to stabilize the fuel, Instant Hull Cleaner to remove waterline grime, an MDG Odor Control in the cabin and fill the engine block and water system with antifreeze. But when spring arrives and the zipper for the canvas enclosure or T-Bag has corroded into a solid piece of metal and all the snaps are rusted solid, you’ll realize you forgot one important and often-overlooked step.

Snaps and zippers of both metal and plastic benefit from protection and lubrication.Star brite
Star brite Snap & Zipper LubricantStar brite

The way to avoid this headache is crazy simple: Star brite Snap & Zipper Lube. A thin coating of the clear, non-staining gel on plastic and metal zippers and a dab into snaps before they are closed keeps everything opening and closing all season long. The polymers in Snap & Zipper Lube resist washout, help protect against corrosion and can be used to lubricate any metal-to-metal application such as hinges or sliding doors.

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