MagicEzy Delivers Quick, Easy and Effective Gelcoat Repair

MagicEzy repairs gelcoat and fiberglass in just nine seconds.

April 29, 2014

Super-duper potions designed to fix scratches in gelcoat with little skill and even less effort have been marketed to powerboaters for decades. The latest entry comes to us from Australia. Will MagicEzy prove a quality product? Look for our upcoming test. In the meantime, read more about it below.

Patent Pending Nano-Filler Technology Structurally Fills, Bonds, Levels and Colors Fiberglass Damage in Seconds, Without Prep, Mixing, Fumes or Mess

Australian surface repair innovator MagicEzy has introduced 9-Second Chip Fix, a ’world first’ solution to an age-old problem faced by boaters around the world — gelcoat and fiberglass repair. Now, just in time for the 2014 boating season, 9-Second Chip Fix is being made available to DIY boaters and boat repair professionals across North America.


MagicEzy 9-Second Chip Fix quickly repairs all above-the-waterline fiberglass surfaces on any kinds of boats — from yachts and sportsfishers to PWCs and canoes. It uses an exclusive nanotechnology-based formula to fill, bond, level and color chips, gouges, wide cracks and deep scratches. Unlike traditional fiberglass repair products, there is no need to prep the area with sandpaper, mix messy catalysts or add color tinting to achieve a seamless repair. Clean up can be achieved using only plain water. This product is available in 11 popular boat colors that can be selected from an available color chart. If needed, more exact matches may be achieved by blending two colors.

Making repairs with 9-Second Chip Fix is easy: wipe the area clean of surface dirt, then use the tube to apply the pre-colored formula to fill the damaged area. The product’s proprietary formula — developed with the aid of a world-leading chemist — ensures structural-grade adhesion and industry-leading fill rates. This makes repairs as simple as filling the damage, using the tube’s patent-pending leveling device to smooth the area, and letting it dry. The result is an attractive, water-resistant, permanent surface repair that can even be sanded and drilled.

This innovative product was developed by MagicEzy CEO Warwick David Lindsay to meet a growing need and change the perception that fiberglass and gelcoat repair is a tedious, unpleasant task for boat owners and professionals alike. “Repairing cosmetic damage to fiberglass boat surfaces has traditionally been a difficult, messy and time consuming job — and the results were often poor,” said Lindsay. “My 30 years refining automotive touch-up systems told me that there had to be a better way,” he added.


MagicEzy also offers North American boaters two companion products based on nano technology, designed to bring this same level of performance and ease to other boat maintenance needs. MagicEzy Hairline Fix is specially formulated to provide easy, color matched repairs for the small stress cracks and “crazing” commonly found on most fiberglass boats. A topcoat of Hairline Fix can also be applied over 9-Second Chip Fix repairs when a high-gloss finish is desired.

MagicEzy also offers MegaFusion, a multi-purpose primer sealant with powerful absorption and adhesion properties that make it easy to repair aluminum and plastic surfaces, such as PWCs, pontoons and canoes, when used with other MagicEzy boat repair products.

MagicEzy 9-Second Chip Fix comes in a 0.45 fluid ounce, reusable tube for pinpoint repairs, and carries an MSRP of $24.99 USD. In addition to boat surface repair, 9-Second Chip Fix can be used to make long-lasting repairs to wood, ceramics, plastic and masonry. It is backed by a 100-percent satisfaction, money-back guarantee.


MagicEzy products will be available soon through North American marine retailers coast-to-coast. To locate dealers near you (or purchase MagicEzy products online in the interim), visit


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