Malibu 23 LSV Wakesurfing Review

The Malibu 23 LSV throws a highly-customizable, pro-level wave.

January 11, 2018
Malibu 23 LSV Wakesurfing Review
Length: 23′ | Beam: 102″ | Fuel Capacity: 67 gal. | Seating Capacity: 15 | Dry Weight: 5,000 lb. | More Information: Malibu Boats

The 23 LSV has the reputation of being one of the best all-around wake boats on the market, so Malibu went ahead and redesigned it for 2018 and made it even better.

What You Get
Not too big, not too little; the 23 LSV is just right. The wave is the same great shape and power of the 25 LSV, with just a little less size. Throw in some extra weight and friends, and the 23 LSV is pro level. Thanks to Malibu’s bells and whistles, it’s all highly customizable. With the Power Wedge at 3, the wave is a good combo of steepness and length, allowing you to get farther back and drive forward with ease to work on big turns and airs.

Who It’s For
The rider who wants as much as possible out of a midsize wake boat. The new 23 LSV keeps the classic look it was built on, but its new lines are extra sharp. This boat looks good and performs like a champ, and because of Malibu’s integrated systems, it’s easy to use right out of the gate.


Our Favorite Things
Usability. Just drop the 23 LSV in the water, push a few buttons to fill ballast, and engage the Wedge and Surf Gate, and you’re surfing an incredible wave.
Power Wedge. From the boat or with the Surf Band, the Power Wedge can be adjusted on the fly to change the wave’s characteristics, from short and steep to long and mellow.
Power chair. This new captain’s chair goes up and down with the push of a button.

Malibu 23 LSV Wakesurfing Review
Malibu 23 LSV Wakesurfing Review WBM

Our Surf Settings
Speed: 11.0
Crew: 2
Ballast: Full Available Ballast
User Settings: Surf Gate Engaged, Power Wedge at 3


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