Malibu Boats Recognized by NATM as Top Trailer Manufacturer for 2017

The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM), in conjunction with Statistic Surveys, has announced that Malibu is the “#1 trailer manufacturer in market share increase for boat trailers” in 2017. The award affirms Malibu’s position as the leading maker of boat trailers in America. Malibu representatives will accept the award at NATM’s Annual Convention in Fort Worth, TX.

Malibu Trailer_1
Malibu Boats named top maker of boat trailers Malibu

Introduced in 2015, Malibu trailers set in motion the vertical integration of products related to the enjoyment of watersports – a process begun, of course, with the watercraft that have made Malibu the world’s leading manufacturer of towboats. This product integration will continue later in the year with the arrival of a breakthrough new marine engine, developed by Malibu in partnership with General Motors. In every such endeavor, Malibu seeks both market dominance and maximized customer satisfaction, as evidenced by awards such as the NATM’s.

In fact, it was overwhelming customer support that drove the trailers to their #1 national ranking. No fewer than 95 of every 100 Malibu customers now order trailers with their new boats. A quick walk-around of a trailer demonstrates all the reasons why.


• Engineered to accommodate the clearance, size, and weight of a Malibu boat

• Handcrafted in America of premium steel

• Jig-and-fixture manufacturing for absolutely consistent placement of welds, crossmembers, and axles


• Urethane-based Dupont ® primer and paints

• Options ranging from custom paint and wheels to runway lighting

• Every trailer backed by a five-year limited warranty


Watch for new products to be introduced this summer, as Malibu pursues its widening market leadership.

About Malibu Boats

Founded in 1982, with headquarters in Loudon, Tennessee, Malibu Boats, Inc. is the world’s foremost manufacturer of watersports towboats. Malibu also designs and manufactures Axis Wake Research and, together with a global dealer network, the two brands control half of the worldwide inboard boat market. In 2017, Malibu acquired Cobalt Boats, the leader in stern-drive boats.