Malibu M235 Wakesurf Review

Check out what we found when we wakesurfed behind the Malibu M235!

This is not a Wakesetter. Malibu has started an entirely new line of M series wakeboats that are deeper than the Wakesetters could ever hope to be. The M235 is also plush and decked out to the nines, but since we’re concerned only about surfing for this article, we’ll stick to the essentials.

First off, the stock wave on this brand-new boat is about hip-high and glassy clean with more vert and drive than anything else we’ve seen from Malibu. Surf Gate works perfectly with this newly formed hull to create an absolutely mammoth wave that pitches up higher than other Malibus. The wave has more of an ocean-like push that’s sure to save tricks you used to fall on, and both sides are equally solid.

Fill up 5,400 pounds of subfloor and bag ballast to bury the bottom half of the hull into the water, then strap on the Surf Band and go ride. Surf Band lets you use Malibu’s industry-first Surf Gate to switch the wave side whenever you feel like it with a button on your wrist. Adjust the speed within a couple miles per hour, and, more importantly, adjust the Power Wedge to tailor the wave’s pitch to your liking without ever needing to yell at the driver.


It should be said that a rooster tail this high makes it a little more difficult to transfer from side to side, but it also brings about more possibilities for transfers tricks; the added vert creates a perfect ramp that wants to send you up in the air and over to the other side.

Top-Notch Trait: The M235 gives you lots of options for surf control. The 12-inch touch screen at the helm has all your important driving functions, and the rotating dial with surrounding buttons gives you an analog option to adjust speed, Power Wedge II and Surf Gate. A third option is Malibu’s Surf Band, a wearable remote that lets you fine-tune your wave while you’re riding.

Stat: Because of this new boat’s depth, factory ballast tops out at 5,400 pounds, which is almost 600 pounds more than its closest rival, the Wakesetter 25LSV — and that boat is a full foot and a half longer. We’re excited Malibu has developed a deep boat, and we’re even more excited that it performs at this high of a level for surfing.

Length 23’5”
Beam 102”
Dry Weight 6,200 lb.
Fuel Capacity 78 gal.
Seating Capacity 17
Standard Ballast 2,400 lb.
Max Factory Ballast 5,400 lb.
Standard Power 575 ft-lb.
Maximum Power 575 ft-lb.

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