Malibu M235 Wakesurfing Review

Malibu's M235 creates a waist-high wave that is giant and powerful, while also fun and forgiving.

January 11, 2018
Malibu M235 Wakesurfing Review
Length: 23’5″ | Beam: 102″ | Fuel Capacity: 78 gal. | Seating Capacity: 17 | Dry Weight: 6,200 lb. | More Information: Malibu Boats

If we had to describe the Malibu M235 in one word, we wouldn’t be able to. It’s too good and too much fun. The M235 is the Malibu that has everything and delivers on all levels.

What You Get
The M235 wave isn’t just one of the best in the Malibu lineup, it’s one of the best, period. With stock ballast, a minimal crew, and the combo of the Power Wedge and Surf Gate, the M235 creates a waist-high wave that is giant and powerful, while also fun and forgiving. On top of that, thanks to the Power Wedge, it is also highly customizable. Add a few friends and some extra ballast to the mix, and you’ll be surfing what the pros do.

Who It’s For
The rider and boat owner who wants it all, especially big waves with a lot of push. The M235 is loaded with all the bells and whistles Malibu has to offer, and the wave can quickly and easily accommodate a variety of riders, from beginner to pro. If you’ve got a family or crew that runs the gamut of abilities and wants to hang out in comfort and style, the M235 won’t do you wrong.


Our Favorite Things
The wave. It’s unreal. Once you try it, you won’t want to stop.
The tech. SurfGate, Power Wedge, Command Center, and more. All combine to make the M235 top of its class.
The feel. Ride in comfort and style.

Malibu M235 Wakesurfing Review
Malibu M235 Wakesurfing Review WBM

Our Surf Settings
Speed: 11.3
Crew: 3
Ballast: Full Available Ballast
User Settings: Surf Gate Engaged, Power Wedge at 1


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