Mercury Racing Bravo I LT

Mercury Racing introduces new prop for outboard-powered bay and multispecies boats.

Mercury Racing Bravo I LT
Mercury Racing Bravo I LTMercury Racing

Mercury Racing ( has introduced a new propeller, the Bravo I LT. The four-blade stainless-steel wheel is designed specifically for high-horsepower, single-engine outboard-powered bay and multispecies boats.

Boat manufacturers have responded to angler demand for larger, more stable hulls. The builders have addressed that request by increasing hull depth and beam. The changes have resulted in consoles being moved farther forward, which changes the center of gravity and weight distribution. Factor in the powerful trolling motors and batteries at the very front of the boat that affect planing performance and there’s a need for a prop that can carry the bow.

The Bravo I LT is designed to improve time to plane and trim response throughout the engine’s operating range. Mercury Racing says the propeller boosts top-end speed by at least 1 mph. The propeller is offered in a total of 15 pitch sizes from 20 to 27.5 inches in half-inch increments for two- and four-stroke applications. The propeller features Mercury’s patented Performance Vent System (PVS). It lets an operator dial in his propeller for peak planing performance, and it works in concert with the Bravo I LT’s blades.

Many Mercury Verado and four-stroke applications will use the Bravo 1 LT with all four vent holes plugged with solid PVS fittings. OptiMax two-stroke applications will require all four vent holes to be open. Upgrades from the Bravo I FS to the Bravo I LT require no change in pitch size when matching the engine’s rpm. Suggested pricing starts at $740.42.