Mercury Racing CNC Outboard Cleaver Propeller

A new performance prop for Verado 400 outboards.

Mercury Racing CNC Outboard Cleaver PropellerMercury Racing

The surface-piercing CNC Outboard Cleaver prop from Mercury Racing is designed exclusively for Mercury Verado 400R consumer performance outboards and the Verado 400 ROS competition outboard. This precision-machined five-blade propeller is designed to maximize top-end speed on performance hulls powered by 400R and 400 ROS outboards fitted with the Mercury Racing Sport Master gear case. The prop offers a 400-horsepower rating. Models range from 14.5-inch to 15.5-inch diameters, with 15-degree rake and the following pitches: 32, 32.5, 33.5 and 34. Each carries a one-year limited warranty when used within its maximum power rating on a 400R or 400R Carbon Edition outboard for recreational boating. For more information: