Mercury Racing Crate Motor in New Roadster Shop Project

Drop a 750-hp Mercury Racing SB4 crate engine in a 1966 Chevy Chevelle and you’ve got one pumped-up muscle car.

Mercury Racing Crate Motor in New Roadster Shop Project
The Roadster Shop dropped an SB4 7.0 engine into a 1966 Chevelle.Courtesy Roadster Shop

Mercury Racing continues to promote its SB4 7.0 crate engine for the automotive aftermarket. The Roadster Shop, the exclusive SB4 distributor, recently completed this 1966 Chevelle muscle car featuring the SB4 7.0 engine.

Mercury Racing Crate Motor in New Roadster Shop Project
The SB4 7.0-liter produces 750 naturally aspirated horsepower.Courtesy Roadster Shop

Designed, developed and manufactured by Mercury Racing in Fond du Lac, Wis., the 32-Valve DOHC SB4 7.0-liter (428 CID) engine adapts the Mercury Racing high-performance valve train to a customized General Motors LS-based cylinder block that produces a staggering 750 naturally aspirated horsepower. Mercury Racing’s advanced four-valve cylinder head combustion system and dual overhead camshaft valve train provide significantly improved performance and durability compared to a standard two-valve design.

The Roadster Shop, based in Mundelein, Ill., has been an automotive aftermarket industry mainstay in performance chassis fabrication and custom car building for more than 30 years.

“This is by far the smoothest, cleanest performing engine we have ever used. It feels like its not even trying to make all of that power, almost effortless. The smoothness is noticeable throughout the entire rpm range, from idle to 8,000 rpm,” said Roadster Shop director of business development Josh Henning. The project started with a call from Roadster Shop customer William Fox, who wanted to build a muscle car, and was intrigued by the new SB4 for its 8000-rpm operating band and naturally aspirated, 750 horsepower.

Mercury Racing Crate Motor in New Roadster Shop Project
Roadster Shop re-engineered and rebuilt the Chevelle.Courtesy Roadster Shop

The SB4 Chevelle qualified as a Roadster Shop "Survivor Series" build; a car that arrives clean in its original condition. The body is stock with the exception of some minor work to the transmission tunnel, and firewall. The paint, which ironically is very close to Mercury Racing Blue, is original as are the chrome bumpers.

This iconic American muscle car has all the conveniences of a modern automobile. Roadster Shop re-engineered and rebuilt the complete vehicle. All new wiring and plumbing was installed. It features a custom Roadster Shop Fast Track chassis and high-performance suspension. The SB4 is coupled to a Tremec/Bowler T56 6-speed transmission. Roadster Shop even built custom stainless steel headers and a complete exhaust system. A C&R Racing radiator keeps the SB4 cool as it runs through the gears up to its 8000 rpm rev limit.

The interior is updated with sound deadening material, modern instrumentation, cruise control, a sound system and power windows. Recaro Expert seats provide support for the driver and passengers to comfortably experience the SB4’s full capabilities.

Roadster Shop debuted the SB4 Chevelle at the Goodguys 2018 PPG Nationals, July 6-8 in Columbus, Ohio. Roadster Shop personnel and fans alike were blown away with the SB4’s smooth idle and user-friendly running qualities.