Mercury Unveils New Bravo I XS Propeller

Bravo I XS propeller can be dialed in for maximum efficiency and power.

Outboard performance fans should be excited about the new Bravo I XS four-blade stainless-steel propeller from Mercury Marine. It made its debut at a fishing tournament on Sept. 1.

The new half-inch pitch offerings enhance the application of the Bravo I XS for single-engine outboard applications. The smaller increments let owners of bass and bay boats more precisely dial in their vessels for maximum efficiency and power. The new model includes 22.5-inch, 24.5-inch, 26.5-inch and 30.5-inch pitch sizes that complement the 22- to 31.5-inch range. The propeller has proven to be a versatile one for two- and four-stroke applications, and it comes with Mercury's patented performance vent system. Find out more at