Miss Geico Wins at Key West 2014

A Video Ride Along

Miss Geico Racing today released this spectacular video, documenting their championship run at the 2014 Key West Offshore World Championships. The video really puts the viewer "at the controls."

It's easy for some to watch videos such as this one and condemn performance boating as being a reckless sport. For those folks, I suggest you check out our ride-along with Miss Geico in which we learned how to be Safe At Any Speed.


See the Miss Geico's wild ride in a great sequence of still photos from the same race!

Takeaway: There are four Miss Geico boats, all catamarans plus a RIB support boat and the Cigarette Boat "Caveman" which is used as a pace boat. The cats are capable of speeds in excess of 200 mph; even the RIB tops 80 mph.