Miss Premier

The Premier 250 S-Series is fast, spacious and luxurious.

"The coolest thing about the Premier 250 S-Series RF has to be the pop-up speakers at the stern," says Kelly, a lifelong boater. "Plus, you can turn them toward wherever everyone's hanging out."

If that’s not innovative enough, there’s the wrap-around tempered glass windshield, which gives the captain all the feel of commanding a luxury runabout. Yet, Premier knows where its bread is buttered, and it stayed the course on spacious seating. There are two rear-facing lounges aft of the helm station, which are ideal for standing watch over skiers tethered to the pylon. Connected by a movable center seat, the lounges form a circular conversation pit unique to pontoons. Move the center seat forward to reveal a gate to the full-beam swim platform.

This S-Series features Premier’s PTX triple-tube technology, standard with a 30- inch center tube and the option to upgrade to 36. The Yamaha Four Stroke V Max SHO 250 outboard nears 50 mph and exhibits tight handling in turns.

And thanks to the spacious changing room, Kelly could comfortably switch into all of the three suits modeled. “I really appreciated the privacy it afforded,” she says.

"I loved the cut on the beach affection two-piece suit by White Sands in the black tropical print," says Kelly. "The pink tie in front added some flair!" A fan of stylish touches, "Miss Premier" favored the spacious suite's bathrooms and posh amenities. "The toiletries by Tommy Bahama were fabulous — they smelled so tropical!"

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