Moeller Marine Enters the Aluminum Fuel Tank Market

Moeller Marine expands fuel tank product offerings.

October 1, 2014

Moeller Marine, the marine industry leader in rotationally molded plastic fuel tanks, is pleased to announce that they are expanding their product offerings by entering the marine aluminum fuel tank market.

Moeller Marine recognizes that there will always be a need in the marine industry for both plastic and aluminum tanks based on the needs of each vessel, and the preferences of the builder. With that in mind, the company now offers innovative solutions for customers and builders interested in both plastic and aluminum fuel tank options.

Because each material has its own unique benefits, builders will always have a need for both plastic and aluminum tanks:


Aluminum is generally the choice for lower volume, simplistic tank shapes, quick prototypes and maximizing total compartment volume. Aluminum tank geometry and design are quick and easy to change, and aluminum offers superior baffling capability.

Plastic does not corrode and it is excellent for complex tank shapes. With some up-front tooling costs, plastic is generally the choice for higher volume runs greater than 50 vessels per year, complex shapes or those requiring superior durability.

Builders now have a single source for all marine fuel tank needs. Offering both rotomolded plastic and aluminum tanks will now allow Moeller Marine to provide a complete product line-up to their valued customers.


To aluminum tank customers, Moeller brings the same quality and service it provides currently in the industry including:
* On-time delivery average of 97 percent
* Full engineering support with product engineers, designers, and field installation support
* A customer service team second to none in the industry
* Active representation on the ABYC Fuel and Vent sub committee
* All products meet ABYC, NMMA, USCG and applicable ISO and CE requirements
* Diurnal venting hardware by the supplier of customer’s choice
* Ability to save shipping costs by combining with shipments of Moeller plastic fuel tanks or other molded products
* Reliability—aluminum tanks are manufactured using the same quality systems as our plastic tanks, assuring years of trouble-free service

Moeller is currently offering fully compliant tanks in the 25 to 200 gallon size range. For customers with prints to review or tanks to quote, please see your Moeller Regional Sales Manager, or contact your Regional Customer Service person in Sparta, Tennessee, at 800-432-8344. For additional information on this announcement, visit us online at


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