Moomba Mojo Wakesurf Review

We tested the Moomba Mojo for wakesurfing! Check out what we thought!

February 20, 2016

Since the Mojo‘s redesign, it has become a lot more surf-friendly. It edges out the rest of the line for the best surf-boat spot because it’s bigger, but it bears mentioning that the rest of the line has just as good of a shape.

Moomba is a value-conscious brand, so you won’t get near as many bells and whistles in terms of wake-shaping. With that in mind, it’s still better than a lot of the other boats in its price range. For example, the wake plate is on an actuator, so you can control it from the dash, giving you more options to make different types of waves.

The Autoflow 2.0 Surf System is also controlled from the dash, and it creates a wave on one side or the other with a tab that gets deployed on the opposite side of the wave. The wave is bigger than you would expect for a boat in this size and price category, but the real standout is how much drive it has. The original Flow surf system lacked a bit in functionality — and a lot in the push that the wave could generate — so it was good to see Moomba step up its game with the new Autoflow 2.0 System.


Drivers will appreciate how easy the system is to deploy on either side, with clearly labeled rocker switches as well as the Digital Cruise Pro, one of the simplest speed-control units on the market. New for 2016, control the speed through the digital interface or with an analog toggle switch on the steering column.

Top-Notch Trait: The Gravity III ballast system loads up the Mojo with up to 2,500 pounds when the Surf Package is optioned. That’s more than enough weight to generate a solid session with just a driver, but when you fill out the seating capacity, you’re going to be really impressed with this economical flagship.

Stat: The Moomba wake plate is 50 percent larger than previous years and serves to adjust the boat’s running attitude, effectively making the wave steeper or longer. The wake plate is deployed from the dash, which is huge for a boat this price. A huge kicker? It’s included in the base price.

Length 23’
Beam 100”
Dry Weight 4,100 lb.
Fuel Capacity 49 gal.
Seating Capacity 17
Standard Ballast 2,000 lb.
Max Ballast 2,500 lb.
Standard Power 6.2L 400 ft-lb.
Maximum Power 6.2L 427 ft-lb.

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