MTI and Mercury Take Triple Crown Championship

Mercury-powered MTI catamarans win multiple championships.

Bob Bull and Randy Scism won the 2015 Superboat Unlimited World Championship in dominant fashion.Superboat Unlimited World Championship

Bob Bull’s Team CMS 48-foot and 52-foot catamarans that race in Super Boat International’s Superboat Unlimited class won the National and World championships for 2015. These achievements were in addition to MTI winning the Class 1 World Championship in Abu Dhabi the week before the SBI 30th Annual Key West World Championships that took place the week of November 9.

Throttleman John Tomlinson and driver Jeff Harris won the Superboat Unlimited National Championship in Bull’s 48-foot MTI by tallying more points than any other team in the class for the season. In Key West, Bull and MTI President Randy Scism won all three days of the World Championship in dominant fashion, claiming that title. Both boats are powered by Mercury Racing 1650s with M8 sterndrives.

Harris and Tomlinson finished second on Day One, but in the second race Team CRC, another MTI formerly known as Gasse that Tomlinson throttled in 2013, hit Tomlinson and Harris in Turn One, forcing them to speed back to the pits so they could be pulled out of the water before sinking.