News Brief

Fish Early. A dose of bright light in the morning could raise your testosterone level. Just knowing that higher levels of this manly hormone can build muscle, cut fat, lift spirits, and give your libido an extra kick in the pants should rouse you out of bed for that 5 a.m. fisherman's wake-up call.

Sore Subject. Several commercial fishermen and one surfer in Florida have reportedly contracted Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a bacterial infection that forms flesh-eating boils on skin. It was speculated that the men contracted it from fish with similar lesions or through the water, but officials say MRSA is spread person to person and not through water. The infected anglers work at the same port. For more information on MRSA, visit

Bursting Bubbles. A new study in the American Journal of Physics suggests that deposits of solid methane on the sea floor could create methane bubbles. Apparently, when pieces of these deposits break off, they become gaseous as they rise and erupt on the surface. A giant bubble could, in theory, swamp a ship. There's a sunken vessel at the center of one of these deposit sites, but it's unclear if there's a cause and effect.