News Brief

Call of Duty. A SWAT team piloted 24' Zodiac RIBs from Washington, D.C., to New York City. Don't be alarmed; SWAT stands for SEAL Wives Against Terrorism. The women, married to Navy SEAL servicemen, embarked on the Bullet Proof Tour to support troops and to raise funds for the Naval Special Warfare Foundation.

Surf Shoes. According to a San Diego, California, news station, an inventor has designed a contraption that lets people walk on water. Water Walkers are made of two 7'-long pontoons strapped together with bungee cords. The designer says he hopes his prototype will be the next wave in inflatable aquatic footwear. We weren't aware that there was a first wave.

Performance Pair. American Marine Holdings, builders of Donzi and Pro-Line boats, and the U.S. Office of Naval Research are developing air-inducted catamarans. The 103' cats are expected to reach high speeds, create low wakes, and have shallow drafts. But don't expect a boat test- these boats are for the U.S. Military and commercial agencies.

Dung Jury. A Santa Cruz, California, man sued American Airlines after a chunk of frozen toilet waste fell from the sky onto his Chris-Craft. Called blue ice, this frozen sewage forms on planes when lavatory waste leaks out at high altitude. The boater was awarded $3,236, but a judge overturned the judgment, unconvinced that the waste had come from the American Airlines plane.