News Brief

Marathon Dive: To raise money for children's leukemia, Lloyd Scott, known for wearing a 1940s diver's suit while running in charity marathons, finally used the suit as it was intended: He completed a 12-day trek on the bottom of Loch Ness, the infamous lake in Scotland. After covering 26 miles in what's being called the first underwater marathon, Scott said he saw no sign of Nessie.

Lobster Crackpot: A lobster walks into a courtroom…no, it's not a bad joke. A Provincetown, Massachusetts, street loiterer who dresses in a lobster costume wore the getup in court when he was arraigned on drug possession charges. The crustacean wannabe insists he's innocent. However, some area business owners complain he's a nuisance who charges tourists to take pictures with him.

Party Protest: Key West's recent mayoral election was a bigger spectacle than the California governor's race. Boaters moored off city limits were angered when the local government denied their votes-even though the boaters pay fees to the city. In protest they dressed like American Indians and staged a Boston Tea Party-style rant, burning voter registration cards and dumping seaweed "tea" into the water.

Smart Bass: A new study suggests that fish can adapt to new challenges in their environment. If they've been hooked before and escaped, for example, certain fish will avoid the situation again. Call us skeptics, but one Boating Magazine editor claims he's caught a fish, released it, then caught the same fish seconds later. Of course, we're very skilled anglers. Read last month's NewsBriefs here