News of the Day

Premier pontoons star in a country music video, the truth about the giant plastic island in the Pacific, and the attack of the floating robots.


The country music band Little Big Town recently cut a video for its new song "Pontoon" that features, what else, three pontoons built by Premier. The video will go live on exclusively starting May 25th. The band used three different Premier toons, including the 240 Sunsation pictured here, with a Walk-On Upper Dek.

The Real Deal With the Pacific Plastic Island

Everyone's heard the story of the giant island of plastic floating around the North Pacific Gyre. This article explains that it's not what you think it is. Take a look at the video and read about what the Pacific plastic situation really is.

Robots Set to Swarm the Ocean

A venture capitalist with a lot of dough and a love of listening to singing whales created a robot that might just change the world. These solar-powered aquatic robots could detect oil spills, signal tsunami warnings, track fish and do much more, according to this article posted by CNN Money. Cool, but can they post pictures to Facebook?