Nightwatch Marine Wins New Product Award at Newport Boat Show

Wireless LED lights deemed Best New Boating Safety Product.

NightWatch Marine LED lights allow boat builders and owners to install new LED lights without drilling holes in boats. Lights are mounted flush to surfaces without wire or screw holes. There are no penetration points while the lights are still tied to the 12 volt system of the boat. This patent pending, revolutionary use of inductive power transfer will change the way new LED systems are added to vessels.

NightWatch Marine LED lights improve safety and boat integrity by providing the option to avoid drilling holes in fiberglass, wood or other nonconductive surfaces. Inductive power transfer answers the age old desire not to put holes in at least one area of boat ownership. Classic and modem boats will benefit from this technology.

The Newport Boat Show allowed the inventors to offer boat show attendees a sampling of light options. Enthusiastic feedback was captured from boat owners and boat builders. Pricing and product availability will be available by October 2014. NightWatch Marine sends many thanks to the Newport Boat Show and all the attendees that took the time to give feedback for what they want and try out the preliminary designs.

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