On Board With Capt. Trey and Alyssa Hill

Alaskan boaters are in good hands with Capt. Trey and Alyssa Hill.

Sea Tow Captains of Alaska
Capt. Trey and Alyssa Hill - Sea Tow AlaskaCourtesy Sea Tow

It takes a certain kind of person to go boating in Alaska, and an even heartier soul to take care of Alaska’s boaters. So when Trey and Alyssa Hill opened Alaska’s first Sea Tow, we took notice.

What made you decide to open Alaska's first Sea Tow franchise?
Two years ago, I was determined to start my own business. I explored many different ideas, from aquaculture to fast food. Nothing seemed right until one day when I was out boating with my wife. Our 26-foot Bayliner broke down 17 miles or so out of Homer Harbor in Bear Cove. We took a few moments to try and get the boat going with no success. Then I realized I did not have a plan in place for when something like this happened. There wasn't much we could do for help. We wound up calling a water taxi. Later, my mechanic said, "I can't believe there is not a Sea Tow in Homer or south-central Alaska." This was it!

Most people see Alaskan waters on Deadliest Catch. What's it like for recreational boaters?
Boating in Alaska's coastal waters is an experience every saltwater boater should have in their lifetime. Every summer, people come from all over the world to explore. Our waters are pristine, abundant in wildlife, and the views are amazing. We fish, camp, hike, hunt, surf, paddleboard, kayak, and come face to face with beautiful glaciers ... the list keeps going. It is truly the most beautiful place in the world.

How big of an area do you cover?
I currently have two boats servicing Kackemack Bay (Homer) and the Southern Cook Inlet. I am also setting up to service providers in Seward, Whittier and Valdez. These are the four harbors that give boaters access to the waters of south-central Alaska. Each of these ports are at least two hours or more from each other.

You're also a husband-wife team. How do you work together?
I'm the captain. She handles the marketing, advertising, trade shows, and many other things.

What do you like to do on the water for fun?
I love to hunt, fish, cove up and camp, hike and explore. I like to go shrimping in the Prince William Sound out of Whittier in the spring. Then I take my boat to Homer and fish for halibut, rockfish and black bass in the summer. In the fall, I like to go to Seward and fish for silver salmon. Then in late fall, I am back to Whittier, heading out into the Prince William Sound to hunt for blacktail deer that inhabit many of the islands.