On Board With: Melanie T.

2017 Icom Cover Girl of the Year

October 21, 2017
Miss April: Melanie T.
Miss April: Melanie T. Bill Doster

Every issue, we have a beautiful model grace the cover of our magazine. She’s always aboard a stunning boat. And every year, we let you, the readers, pick your favorite via a Facebook voting contest. Meet this year’s winner, Melanie T., who appeared aboard the Crownline 29 EX on our April cover.

How does it feel to be our cover model of the year?
Oh my gosh, thank you. This is so cool.

Did you grow up around the water?
I was born in Hawaii, grew up on the west coast of Florida and live in South Florida, so I am always around the water.


Did you always go boating?
I grew up fishing and hanging out on the water all the time.

Melanie T. is Boating’s Icom Cover Girl for April, and she was photographed aboard the Crownline E29 XS.

Miss April: Melanie T.

How did you like shooting aboard the Crownline 29 EX?
It was one of my favorite shoots I’ve ever done. The weather was perfect, the boat was beautiful, and with the helicopter shooting from above, it felt like a Bond Girl moment.

What did you like about the Crownline?
The seating was so nice for entertaining, and the ride was so comfortable while shooting. It was beautifully done.


Have you shot on other boats?
I just recently did a shoot on a big yacht from the U.K. We had champagne as part of our shoot props.

Do you still get on the water in your free time?
Yes, here in South Florida there is so much to do on the water, from Jet Skis, to yachts and cruises, to just hanging at the sandbar.


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