Pass The Handle Ambassador Robby Maschhaupt

Pass the Handle introduces the fun of towed watersports to new people.

Robby Maschhaupt is spreading wakesurfing far and wide.Courtesy Tanner Larson

A former NASCAR pit crew member, the fun-loving Robby Maschhaupt has made it his mission to spread his love for wakesurfing to as many people as he can through the Pass the Handle movement. This summer he’s teamed up with Centurion boats, Roswell Marine, Monster Energy, and other sponsors to create an epic tour that’s free for any who want to come ride with him.

What's the Pass the Handle movement all about and what does it mean to you?
At its core, Pass the Handle was created to help introduce the fun of towed watersports to new people. For me personally, it's about giving back to the sports and lifestyle I love so much. I get so much joy out of not only teaching people to wakesurf, but in knowing that it's helping the industry as a whole by introducing new people to it.

Since you started offering free clinics through the Pass the Handle initiative, about how many people have you pulled?
Over 3,000. And I know for a fact we've been directly responsible for 28 people buying boats after coming to one of our events. But the numbers aren't what matter, it's the experience and making sure everybody has as much fun as possible, as well as the skills to take with them and teach their friends and family.

What can somebody expect if they sign up for one of your clinics?
I hear it a lot; "That was my best day ever!" A lot of people come out thinking they'll never be able to do it, but by the end of the day they're riding and having a blast. Our goal is to have 100 percent success rate in getting people to wakesurf without the rope, and over the years we've kept darn near that number. And it's all free of charge, thanks to the sponsors. No matter what, you're going to have a good time, especially on my new Centurion Ri257 — the wave is amazing!