Amber: Monterey

I was so lucky to be on the Monterey M5-MSX. What an awesome boat!! Every time I moved seats, I found a new, cool feature. It's such a cool, sporty boat but has features that make it luxurious. I loved how the front seats converted into an entire lounger. It made me feel like I was out on the yacht somewhere exotic. The back seat converts into a lounger, as well. I suggested a cabana boy as optional equipment, but was quickly shown the coolers under the seats and told to get my own drink. Guess

October 19, 2011

Miss Monterey 2012-Amber-1

Miss Monterey 2012-Amber-2

Miss Monterey 2012-Amber-3

Miss Monterey 2012-Amber-4

Miss Monterey 2012-Amber-5

Miss Monterey 2012-Amber-6

Miss Monterey 2012-Amber-7

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