For Comparison's Sake: Air Pumps

Tackle uninflated water toys with these air pumps.

Air Pumps Comparison
110-Volt High-Pressure Inflator/​Deflator Air Pump The Pump-Up: This rugged pump cranks out up to 2.6 psi of pressure to pump up tubes in a hurry. The 9-foot-long power cord adds versatility and so does the 2-foot-long hose. You get four different nozzles from which to choose. The Deflator: It needs 110-volt power to inflate your tubes and toys. $39.99;
Air Pumps Comparison
12-Volt Portable Air Pump The Pump-Up: Plug this portable pump into any 12-volt power source. The deflation mode means that you can flatten tubes and stow them away. Three nozzles mean versatility. The Deflator: There's no handle, so ­keeping contact with the inflation valve on some tubes could get tricky. The on-off switch could hit the tube during inflation, turning it off. $35.99;
Air Pumps Comparison
High-Output Manual Hand Pump The Pump-Up: This manual hand pump can be used anywhere, and the only power source it requires is the kids who want their toys pumped up. It inflates and deflates and pumps air on the up and down strokes. It comes with a flexible hose and three nozzles plus a needle. The Deflator: Whoever does the pumping is going to work up a sweat with today's big toys. The handle is black, which may not sound like that big of a deal until you've left it in the sun in 90-degree heat and you grab it to start pumping. $11.99;