Sea Tow’s Top 5 Reasons for Sinking-Boat Rescue Calls

Be mindful of these sinking-boat causes to protect it.

September 16, 2014
Hit Something
Know your position and surrounding charted dangers. Watch for floating debris, particularly after a storm or on rivers after spring thaw or heavy rain.
Forgot the Drain Plug
When Launching Get the boat back on plane to drain water out of the transom, and/or plug it with anything on hand.
Hose Broke
Shut the seacock. If it won’t shut, wrap the hose with strips from a canvas cover, or cut the hose clean off and cap it with a tapered wooden or foam plug and a hose clamp.
Dripless Shaft Seal Failed
Each spring, make sure shaft-seal cooling water is flowing through hoses from each engine to each shaft seal, and install a crossover hose so one engine will cool both seals. If one fails, keep the shaft from spinning with a pipe wrench and wrap it with strips from a canvas cover, tarp or bicycle-tire inner tube.
Stern Anchored Boat
Don’t anchor from astern. A change in sea state or even a boat wake might come over the stern and swamp boat.

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