Polk Ultramarine Audio System with App Control

Easily listen to your entire library of music while boating.

Polk Ultramarine

Wireless remote controls for boat stereos have been around for years, but now Polk Marine Audio, a brand from ASA Electronics, takes stereo remotes to the next level, allowing you to control the functions of your marine audio system and play music from your library wirelessly, using an app on your Bluetooth-enabled mobile device.

By syncing the Polk PA4A Ultramarine source unit and your mobile device, you have the ultimate wireless remote for accessing functions of the audio system and listening to your playlists wirelessly through the system. The Ultramarine app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The 200-watt PA4A includes a stylish, compact and waterproof audio control/display for the helm in case you forget your phone. A waterproof, hideaway module is designed for installation behind the helm. Add a USB port for MP3 storage. Hardwired remotes can be added to the transom or second station.

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, the PA4A is Sirius XM-ready and includes NOAA weather band to keep boaters informed of approaching weather. It also has an AM/FM tuner that allows you to select stations by content type and automatically add to favorites. The PA4A connects with up to four speakers, but you can also add an amp for a subwoofer and even more speakers. The PA4A also allows for iPod, iPhone or iPad control and charging via a plug-and-play connection.

A nonvolatile memory guarantees that your user preferences will be saved if power is disconnected from the system. Plus, an audible warning tells you if your boat batteries are low.

You can download the Ultramarine app for free at the App Store or Google Play. The manufacturer's suggested retail price for Polk's PA4A (excluding speakers or amp) is $499. For more, visit asaelectronics.com.

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