Portable Ballast Bags

Three portable ballast bags that influence wake size and shape.

Wakesurfing and wakeboarding are all about getting big air, and sometimes it takes more than what's in the boat. Adding weight in the right places in your boat is one of the best ways to influence wake size and shape. We took a look at three ballast bags in a similar weight range.

Portable Ballast Bags
Ronix Eight.3 TelescopeRonix

Ronix Eight.3 Telescope
The Heavy: The Eight.3 Telescope is called a V-drive sac because it's designed to fit in the rear compartment of a V-drive boat, which is how the typical tow-sports boat is powered, but Ronix says owners of direct-drive boats also like the bag because it holds 800 wake-shaping pounds. Made from the same material as the Fly High sac, it features a trapezoidal shape and multiple sonic-welded threaded ports.

The Light: It's the biggest of the three we're featuring and also the most expensive.

Bottom Line: $249.99; ronixwakestore.com

Portable Ballast Bags
Fat Sac Fly High Pro X SeriesFat Sac

Fat Sac Fly High Pro X Series
The Heavy: This bag measures 20 by 20 by 50 inches and carries 750 pounds of water. It's made out of Valmex, and the seams are welded and taped. Fat Sac says the quick-connect valve system pumps water 10 times faster than others, and it's available in black, red, yellow, blue and gray. In reviews at overtons.com, it gets 4.8 stars out of 5.

The Light: Colors other than gray are an upcharge.

Bottom Line: $169.99; fatsac.com

Portable Ballast Bags
SL Sports Sumo Sac 750SL Sports

SL Sports Sumo Sac 750
The Heavy: The Sumo Sac is made with a proprietary flexible, puncture-resistant Sumo skin that has a polyester core that is heat-laminated to lightweight PVC skins with a bonding agent. The sandwich construction is stronger in tear tests and in tensile strength, according to SL Sports. Every seam is overlapped and hot-air welded, and a second welding operation applies an inchwide sealing tape to the inside of each seam. The 750 has the same dimensions as the Fat Sac.

The Light: It's only available in a single color.

Bottom Line: $169.95; slsports.com