Project 1080 a “Resto-Mod” Cigarette

The Florida Powerboat Club updates an 18-year-old 38 Top Gun with modern Mercury Racing power.

Project 1080 a “Resto-Mod” Cigarette
Mercury Racing and the Florida Powerboat Club are turning a 2000 Cigarette 38 Top Gun into a modern pace boat.Courtesy Mercury Racing

Mercury Racing has teamed up with the Florida Powerboat Club (FPC) on the restoration of a model year 2000 Cigarette 38 Top Gun into a modern pace boat. Deemed Project 1080, the restoration with fresh Mercury Racing propulsion formalizes a long-standing Mercury Racing marketing partnership with FPC.

FPC founder Stu Jones is restoring the classic Cigarette from bow to stern with a refreshed cockpit, cabin, flooring and paint.

“I watch some of the custom car shows and auctions on TV, and the term resto-mod really stuck out in my head,” said Jones. “I just felt like there would be nothing cooler than a classic, straight-bottom Cigarette, with brand-new 2018 state-of-the-art hardware and power from bow to stern.”

Mercury Racing dealer Performance Marine Trading in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., is performing the installation and rigging of the engines, drives and accessories. The original Mercury Racing 540 Bulldog engines are being replaced with all-new Mercury Racing 540 engines featuring digital throttle and shift (DTS). The engines are coupled to Bravo One XR drives with optional Integrated Transom Systems (ITS) and Mercury Racing Bravo I FS propellers. The original K-Plane trim tabs are being replaced with all-new K-Plane tabs with digital trim senders. Mercury Racing digital Zero Effort Controls will offer smooth throttle and shift response to the 540 sterndrives. A Mercury VesselView 502 monitor will provide vital engine and vessel data. The revised helm will be complemented with an array of digital gauges as well.

Project 1080 a “Resto-Mod” Cigarette
All-new Mercury Racing 540 engines will be mated to Bravo One XR drives.Courtesy Florida Powerboat Club

The resto-mod project also includes a major overhaul of the cockpit and cabin, which will be completed by Fineline Interiors in Hallandale Beach, Fla., while custom paint and dash modifications are underway by Darkforce Marine in Pompano Beach, Fla.

Project 1080 was conceived as a way to celebrate Florida Powerboat Club’s 25th anniversary.

Project 1080 a “Resto-Mod” Cigarette
Project 1080 will hopefully hit the water in October.Courtesy Florida Powerboat Club

“We are excited to feature Mercury Racing 540 sterndrives in the FPC official pace boat,” said Mercury Racing spokesman Rick Mackie. “We’ve been with Stu and Jackie throughout their 25-year run. We continue to back FPC for their emphasis on providing safe, organized events for our customers.”

FPC has produced two videos on the progress of Project 1080 and hopes to have the Cigarette in the water sometime in October.