Prudential Rule

Your participation in an upcoming Coast Guard survey can help save lives.

I am writing this as an old friend is in the hospital recovering after his boat swamped, and then flipped, in Long Island's Shinnecock Inlet. Chris is lucky to be alive, having been pulled from the water by Ryan Horowitz--the 21 -year old son of another friend. Both Chris and Ryan are expert boaters, in my opinion. Born to it, and out on the water both as professional fisherman and recreational anglers every week. My point is that stuff can happen to the best of us.

That's why I'm urging you to participate in an upcoming Coast Guard survey gathering data to help prevent accidents like the one that nearly cost my friend his life ( and put another friend's life in jeopardy saving him--God bless you, Ryan.) So if a telemarketer calls, don't hang up: listen, answer the questions thoughtfully, and cooperate.

It might not be as dramatic as pulling a fellow fisherman from the maw of a breaking inlet on an ebbing tide. But your participation can help save lives.

Here is a link to more info about the survey.