Quiet That Bimini Top!

A quick tip to quiet your Bimini top straps.

Quiet That Bimini Top!

Bimini top straps can make an annoying buzz at certain speeds. At the right speed, air flows over the strap and causes it to vibrate at a frequency that registers with the human ear. The specifics depend upon the apparent wind speed, strap length, strap width and more. But the bottom line is that “strap buzz” is annoying!

A simple fix is to put a twist in the strap. Simply unhook it from the boat or the Bimini top, and put a twist or two in the strap as show in the accompanying picture. Then re-connect the strap. Twisting the strap disrupts the airflow, and thus eliminates the vibration that causes the noise.

Of course you could replace those straps with support poles, like those sold by Built For Boating. It's nice to have options, isn't it?