Repowering Your Boat

Learn the ins and outs of selecting a new engine or engines when repowering.

Repowering your existing boat with a new engine or engines is the smart choice for many boaters. In many cases the existing boat is in great shape and suits the boater’s needs, so that installing new marine propulsion-whether outboard, sterndrive or inboard-makes great sense on both a practical and financial basis. In most instances, repowering nets a more efficient boat that runs cleaner and offers the latest amenities such as fly-by-aire controls, joysticks, digital gauges and monitoring and NMEA 2000 network integration.

There are many things to know when repowering your older boat, or a used boat you’ve just purchased, with new marine propulsion. From the condition of the boat’s structure, to the horsepower requirements; whether to repower your boat yourself or have dealer perform the work; to how to pay for your boat’s repower and estimating your boat’s economy and range with the new engines…these are all questions you can explore here.