Schooner Gold Varnish

Thinning Interlux’s latest version of Schooner Gold is the key to using it correctly.

Scathing blogs and forum posts on Interlux's latest version of Schooner Gold made me suspect the online hounds were misusing the varnish. My experience with it told me I was right. Directions require thinning the product with 333 Brushing Liquid at 50 percent on the first coat, 25 percent on the second and 15 percent for the third. Earlier versions did not require such thinning. At 50 percent, the solution went on my finely sanded mahogany dash panel smoothly and quickly and held its position until it cured with no runs. I missed a spot with the first coat, so I went back for a second at 50 percent, then followed up with one coat 25 percent thinned and one 15 percent thinned. The varnish darkened the wood only slightly and left it with a rich protective finish that reflected light nicely and leveled wood grain to a granite-smooth finish. Wish I'd had a "clean room" to manage dust. I'm looking forward to using it again on other wood projects. Varnish, $20 a pint; 333 Brushing Liquid, $10 a pint;