Seagull Steals GoPro

One of my earliest childhood memories is of a clambake and barbeque held on the coast of Maine. My Grandfather, always the "chef," had been tending to the chicken on the grill. Needing something from the house, he went inside leaving me, a three-year old playing with a toy boat nearby, alone.

Well, not exactly alone.

No sooner did the screen door slam behind "papa" when gulls descended on the grilling chicken in a funnel cloud of greedy, white cacophony. ( The shellfish steaming in seaweed under the mound of beach stones remained safe).

Now, like all lifelong boaters, I know not to trust seabirds for a minute. But apparently this guy never grilled chicken on the coast of Maine--or doesn't own a boat.

Takeaway Orange construction "fence" draped over a moored boat can deter seabirds from lighting because they cannot get secure footing on the webbing.