SeaStar Solutions Announces Next-Generation SeaStar Jackplates

Gen II Design Enhancements Improve Strength, Accessibility and Durability

SeaStar Solutions Jackplate
SeaStar Solutions JackplateCourtesy SeaStar Solutions

SeaStar Solutions has announced the introduction of its "next generation" SeaStar Jackplates. The improved Gen II SeaStar Standard and Xtreme Jackplates are easier to install and adjust and can better resist the damaging effects of the harsh marine environment.

The new Gen II SeaStar Jackplates are available in two models. The SeaStar Standard Jackplate is rated for outboards up to 300 horsepower and the new SeaStar Xtreme Jackplate for outboards up to 400 horsepower. Advanced composite bushings allow for smoother movement of the hydraulic rams when the jackplate is raised or lowered for superior performance at all speeds and loads. Both models are available with 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-inch setbacks. Thanks to redesigned engine brackets, shallow water anchors can now be mounted to all setbacks, from 4 inches to 12 inches, on both models without the use of adapter plates.

Redesigned engine brackets have also improved access to the mounting bolts. Side access has been introduced to make it easier to get a wrench on engine mounting bolts while clearance to access transom mounting bolts has also been opened up, making it easier for one person to install the plate on a boat.

While adding strength and improving access, the new design uses less material and has resulted in the weight reduction of 15 percent over the original models. Thicker mil-spec anodizing of the aluminum frame and lift, as well as more effective sacrificial anode mounting points, provide improved protection against corrosion, especially in harsh saltwater conditions.

Many SeaStar Jackplates are installed on boats together with the SeaStar ProTap system which allows for precise, standardized height adjustment. Key to the ProTap system is the SmartStick sensor, which can now be more-easily installed along the side of the plate.

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