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Si-Tex Vector GPS Compass Debut
The Si-Tex Vector GPS Compass.Courtesy Si-Tex Marine Electronics

SI-TEX Marine Electronicshas added the Vector Compact GPS Compass to its 2016 product line, giving boaters of all kinds a compact, affordable way to provide accurate, stable heading and positioning data to a variety of onboard electronics systems, including chartplotter/MFDs, PC navigation systems, radar, sonar, Automatic Identification System (AIS), autopilots and more.

With its compact antenna measuring just 10 inches long and weighing 0.9 pounds, the SI-TEX Vector Compact is the smallest GPS compass on the market. This not only makes it easy to install on a range of vessels (using flush or pole mounting); the affordable price makes this new product a great “fit” for more boating budgets, as well.

The Vector Compact may be small in size, but its rugged, waterproof housing is packed with state-of-the- art technology normally reserved for large commercial vessels. Inside the housing are two GPS receivers/antennas with a single clock, providing precise compass heading and boat position. These specially designed antennas/receivers optimize the rejection of multipath satellite signals that can negatively affect other satellite compasses. As a result, the Vector Compact provides heading output data superior to fluxgate and rate sensor compasses. With its two GPS antennas, the Vector Compact calculates heading with an accuracy of 2o RMS and even provides accurate headings when the vessel is stationary.

It also provides highly accurate GPS positioning, allowing for precise and stable Speed Over Ground (SOG) and Course Over Ground (COG) readings on chartplotters and other navigational equipment. The precise data provided by the Vector Compact also enhances the accuracy of radar overlay and optimizes the performance of sonar and autopilots.

The Vector Compact’s 10Hz GPS receiver updates heading and position information 10 times per second and can track turns at 90 degrees per second, providing reliable performance even on high-speed vessels. Position fixes are nearly instant, with “hot starts” in less than 1 second and “cold starts” typically taking less than one minute.

The Vector Compact also features a built-in gyro and tilt sensors providing heave, roll and pitch information, for faster and smoother heading output in heavy seas. These sensors also help the Vector Compact maintain accurate heading data output for up to three minutes if the GPS signal is lost. This advanced compass also supports global Satellite Based Augmentation Systems including WAAS (US), EGNOS (Europe), MSAS (Japan) and GAGAN (India), receiving satellite-broadcast error correction data to further enhance positional accuracy to within one meter (three-meter accuracy without differential).

The SI-TEX Vector Compact is available in two versions. The NMEA 2000 N Version includes N2K cabling for the affordable MSRP of $999. For vessels needing NMEA0183 connectivity, the S Version features two NMEA0183 outputs and a 15-meter cable for an MSRP of $1,159. Like all SI-TEX Marine Electronics products, the new Vector Compact is backed by the company’s Two-Year Warranty and Long Island, New York-based service department.

To find out more about the new SI-TEX Vector Compact — or the company's complete line of professional- grade marine electronics solutions for boats of all sizes —contact SI-TEX Marine Electronics at (631) 996- 2690 or visit the company's comprehensive website at