MasterCraft Maristar 210 VRS

June 14, 2001
Waterski Waterski

Smooth Operator
Deep vee allows this boat to conquer rough water.

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Waterski Waterski

WSM: How does the 210 differ from the 230?
MasterCraft: It?s a Tahoe versus a Suburban. It?s basically the same product with the only difference being the 230 is two feet longer. If you are a small family, say a husband, wife and two kids, the 210 is going to be fine. The 230 is more of an entertaining boat where you have five or seven people riding in the boat. It?s a matter of size more than performance or features.
What features make it stand out?
Both the 210 and 230 have new interiors. They are all pleated two-tone, which is a real big thing as far as enhancing the looks. We?ve upgraded the Driver?s Command Center so everything is right at the driver?s fingertips. This boat has electro-mechanical instrumentation, an oversized armrest, a built-in throttle and a waterproof Clarion stereo. There?s a new wood-grain steering wheel with leather wraps that are extremely comfortable. Other features include a Masterview bolster seat and storage underneath every seat in the MariStar that goes all the way to the front of the boat on the port side.
Do skiers and boarders buy MariStars?
Obviously, we understand the buyer looking at the MariStar is also looking at the Cobalts, so we have to make these as good or better to compete. That?s the difference between MasterCraft and MariStar. You have the wood-grain steering wheel, the Khaki gauges and a richer, more luxurious attitude. As far as functionality, it?s the same as a ProStar, so the skiing is similar.
Why does it handle big water so well?Our boats ride great in rough water because of the deeper vee all the way through the hull. It starts with about a 30-degree entry in the front and low center of gravity. Another key to the handling is that these boats don?t have any fins on the bottom, which is a significant difference when compared to other V-drives. It?s not supposed to be a ski boat that tracks great in the water and turns on a dime. We build the boat to ride in rough water. That?s one thing thatsets us apart. The hull, stringers, and inner liner are chemically bonded together, then foam is injected into the voids to create a one-piece superstructure with incredible strength and vibration-dampening qualities.
Super Specs
Length: 20 ft. 9 in.
Beam: 95 in.
Fuel capacity: 45 gal.
Seating capacity: 11
Test prop: 14 in. OJ 4-blade
Test engine: Indmar LTR VRS 5.7L EFI
Base price: $42,230
Top speed 44.8 mph, 5,150 rpm
Accel. to 22 5.19 sec.
Accel. to 36 8.84 sec.
Accel. 30 to 36 3.79 sec.
Noise levels (db)
Idle 63 D, 61 R
22 mph 78 D, 82 R
36 mph 85 D, 85 R

It wasn?t designed for taking skiers into shortline slalom, but if recreational skiing and plenty of interior room is a top priority, then you should check out the 210 VRS. This boat was designed to provide the whole family with fairly good open-water slalom ability.

It doesn?t get any better than this. Granted, the tower and ballast are optional. This boat has the same great wakes as the X-10. There?s plenty of storage for fat sacs, so you can beef up the wakes as large as you?ll ever want. The wakes are slightly on the wide side for the smaller or less advanced rider, but they are solid with such a good kick that you?ll find yourself going much bigger than you are used to.


Chill Factor
MasterCraft has done everything seemingly possible to ensure the driver is enveloped in luxury. The other passengers will be loving it as well. The incredible wraparound seat configuration allows for great viewing of skiers and boarders, and it creates a social atmosphere for the whole crew. Whether you?re cruising around the lake or pulling rides all day long, the 210 VRS is spacious and comfortable.

Whether it?s for big water, big parties or big-time riding, the MariStar 210 VRS nears perfection. With surprisingly agile handling and MasterCraft?s meticulous attention to detail, both riders behind the boat and luxury cruisers inside will experience bliss. The MariStar 210 is the MasterCraft to have if you want to step up to the luxury and space of a V-drive while still having a boat small and responsive enough to really ride. The MariStars are a different animal than most ski boats. You slide into the driver?s seat and you just don?t want to get out. It?s that comfortable and soothing. The Indmar EFI V-8 with 310 hp delivers smooth and predictable power even though you can hardly hear it thanks to a superb exhaust system. You can upgrade to a Cadillac Northstar with more power if you are pulling a big load. If you want a main course of luxury cruising and entertaining with great wakeboarding and good skiing on the side, this is the boat.

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