MasterCraft Maristar 230 VRS

June 14, 2001
Waterski Waterski

The Comforts of Beauty
Breaking the mold of luxury ski boats.

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Waterski Waterski

WSM: How does this boat fit into the line?
MasterCraft: This is the biggest boat we make. It?s the same size and hull design as the X-30, having a 98-inch beam and a length of 22 feet, 6 inches. It?s for the well-established boater who wants the ultimate in performance and luxury. The basic layout is the same as the 205V, but if you spend more time in the boat than behind it, you need the MariStar. This boat is for the 45- to 50-year-old who owns top-of-the-line everything.
The customer who buys this boat is our most financially well-off customer. He may be looking at a Cobalt or a high-end I/O but likes the quality, construction and towing perfomance of a MasterCraft. Compared to an I/O, this boat has much less bow rise and countless performance advantages such as handling, acceleration, cornering and towing capacities. They are similar in their conversation room, layout and luxury.
This is not a tournament ski boat with the engine in the back. There are no fins on the bottom of this boat ? it makes for a little wider turn, but it is soft to ride. This has a deeper vee all the way through for a better ride in rough water. It is more of a big lake boat than a small ski boat.


What defines MariStar?
Philosophically, we have broken out of the mold of building pure ski boats for the past 30 years. People associate MasterCraft only with ski boats. We created the MariStar brand to separate our V-drives.
MariStars have a deeper vee than all our other boats, so it has a smoother ride and more of a recreational characteristic than any other boat we make. We had to build a boat that is built the same, but designed differently.

What are the 230?s outstanding features?
First off, this is a true V-drive, so we think the ride is exceptionally smooth. We made an extremely plush wraparound seat. It?s not too different from what the others are offering, but it is pleated and upgraded. It?s the most comfortable of all our designs. There?s a stowable cockpit table with drink holders, and our Masterview seating gives the driver a flip-up bolster seat ? which is great for women and kids. All MariStars have a standard wood-grain dash and steering wheel. Also standard is a Clarion waterproof CD stereo. This boat has a huge 61-gallon fuel tank, so you can go all weekend without fueling up.
Super Specs
Length 22 ft. 8 in.
Beam: 98 in.
Fuel capacity: 61 gal.
Seating capacity: 12
Test prop: 14 in. OJ 4-blade
Test engine: Indmar LTR VRS 5.7L EFI
Base price: $45,780

On the Water
Top speed 44.3 mph, 5,100 rpm
Accel. to 22 5.76 SEC.
Accel. to 36 9.37 sec.
Accel. 30 to 36 3.68 sec.
Noise levels (db)
Idle 62 D, 61 R
22 mph 81 D, 81 R
36 mph 91 D, 88 R


Every boat is built for a particular type of boater or skiing need, and when the 230 VRS was designed, MasterCraft catered toward family and friends. The wakes are fairly big and hard, but low-end skiers aren?t going to be powering across the wakes, so recreational open-water skiing isn?t a problem.

For advanced riders looking for giant wakes and big-time plushness, the 230 VRS is the vessel to choose. The wakes are big and solid with good launch. For more recreational riders, the wakes on this big boat get wide fast, so be conscious of your rope length.

Chill Factor
It handles big-lake boating like a champ, and the passengers of this ride will love the abundant floor space and interior comforts such as 40-ounce carpeting and soft vinyl seating. The wood-grain dash and steering wheel give the boat a polished look. Equipment storage is immense, which leaves more room for friends and good times to be shared.
The ski world doesn?t get a more luxurious, solid ride than this boat offers. This is the roomiest, most deluxe in the MasterCraft line with an understated elegance not associated with ski boats. Plus, it?s got skiing performance that I/O?s can?t touch. The Precision Touch rack-and-pinion steering gives you one-finger control over the leather-wrapped wood-grain steering wheel. Its extremely deep bow is great for passengers even in rough water. There?s even a special consideration in the construction of the muffler to further dampen noise and vibration. If you?re from the water-sports world and looking for a luxury party boat that?s capable of pulling any discipline on the water, the 230 VRS should be high on your list. If you are into space, comfort, plush accoutrements and ride, but looking to actually have fun behind the boat, you?ve found your mate.


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