Yamaha WaveRunner XL 1200

With a presence so ominous you might want to surrender to this new mega-machine with its Darth Vader image. Instead, hop on Yamaha's WaveRunner XL 1200 and feel the force of its power.
Equipped with a potent 135-hp, three-cylinder, 1131-cc marine engine with 155-mm Hyper-Flow pump and a 5-degree-up nozzle with Thrust Directional Enhancer (TDE), the XL 1200 unofficially boasts the fastest accelerating package in its class. That's what allows this craft to pull skiers out of the water or off the dock quicker than a pop-up book pops up.
Skiers will also appreciate the XL 1200's two side-mounted, adjustable rearview mirrors and wide, padded footwells for easier ski and board donning. With 30 gallons of storage you can store accessories without flattening the sandwiches. Newly designed sponsons add to the craft's turning ability, and an integrated spray guard reduces bow spray at all speeds.
Polished in dramatic black and gray, the XL 1200 sports a bold look for 1998 and a suggested retail price of $7,799. Nicknamed "the industry flagship," it's sure to make big waves in the upcoming year. Call 800-88-YAMAHA. - Shellie Frey