Ski Nautique 200

April 6, 2017

“The consistency of drivability, smooth wakes, and no spray allows me as a skier to focus on my skiing behind the boat and put up the best scores I possibly can. Inside the boat, I enjoy having room to walk around while having all of my gear tucked away inside the ski lockers out of the sun.” – Nate Smith, Nautique Athlete

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Nate Smith behind the Ski Nautique 200 WSK

The legacy of the Ski Nautique can’t be understated. One of the most decorated water-ski boats in history, the Ski Nautique’s reputation precedes itself. The hull design has pulled 22 world records, and the 200-OB more than lives up to those expectations.

Most would assume that an open-bow boat would be heavier and not perform as well as a closed-bow sibling. Not so with the 200-OB. Now you can fit more family and friends and still get world-class skiing.


Inside the boat, you’ll find Nautique’s ­signature comfort and luxury. One of the coolest elements are the twin saddlebag storage lockers. These compartments can hold more than just a ski, and they’re lockable. The high-tech dash is easy to navigate and doesn’t impede sightlines at all.

On the water, Nautique’s patented HydroGate, controlled with a lever by the throttle, will fine-tune the running surface of the boat and provide skiers with an even wake on both sides, or ­elevate the table for trick skiing.

Length 20′
Beam 95″
Dry Weight 2,850 lb.
Fuel Capacity 27 gal.
Seating Capacity 9

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