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2023 Sailfish 226 Dual Console

Get the best of both worlds: Family fun and serious fishing with the Sailfish.

The Sailfish 226 Dual Console crosses over so well from a freshwater runabout to a saltwater fishing boat. Featured on this boat with a Suzuki 200 horsepower outboard motor, it is extremely powerful, and fuel efficient.

Sailfish boats have their VDS hull which involves 3 different planning surfaces: sharper at the keel, moderate in the middle, and by the time you get out to the chines it’s a lot shallower, that gives you great stability at slow speeds.

You’ll notice and love the full wraparound windshield, optimal legroom, 7-inch display on the helm, and the center console trademark of comfortable seating.

Learn more about the Sailfish 226 Dual Console here.

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